Save the Earth
"no matter how tough it have to keep living" -- fujimaru takagi
Their skills were beyond normal human capacity; transcendent in the least, gods amongst a mediocre race. Created with the unique ability to harness negative and positive energy through the use of objects and elements, twins Caster and Pollux are scouted as “Drafters” to stop a huge energy dome that is steadily increasing in size over their city. Only, when they pass through it, they not only find themselves in a different era, but as imprisoned within its diabolical walls. Once you enter, you are slave to it forever. Now they must risk everything to stop the force that holds them all captive.
DarkGreyClouds and I are excited to announce our webcomic DraftPunk will be entered into Shonen Jump’s Manga Competition this fall! Unfortunately that means we won’t be releasing it until probably January. The good news is if we do make the finals you guys can vote for us! So stay tuned, Grey and I will keep you updated! If you have any questions feel free to message me! I would appreciate anyone that reblogs this, and will follow you if I don’t already!


Hey guys be sure to follow my new tumblr. I’m most likely abandoning this one due to a few reasons, one being im in a new, better place in my life and i’d like to start over. Here’s the link:

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Flying Date.

歩き出せば戸惑うけど 手で融けた雪の花びらはまたいつか巡り合って 心確かめるだろうEven though I will wonder as I start walking,but the snowflakes that melted in my handwill comeback again someday and reassure my heart.  /  ♪KAT-TUN - White X’mas

「BOYS IN MODE」 - 2009.07 GINZA

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I ask not to make any changes to my art and please take out with full credits
Работы не переделывать, не изменять, не обрезать, не выдавать за свое, не использовать для создания своих коллажей, баннеров и прочего, при репосте и размещении на сторонних ресурсах отписываетесь и обязательно ставите кредиты.